Do raffles on your stream in an auction format
Give away your merch, game items and the opportunity to play with you as a prize on the auctions. The winners get a prize and those who lose get their money back.
What's a BidOn?
A new way of communication with viewers
An auction gets viewers involved in the game and creates hype around your stream-play.
A tool to earn more money
An auction allows you to multiply your income by hosting raffles, contests and other interactions with viewers.

Most contests today are organized through donations. He or she who donates more, wins. With lots of participants, donation rates grow insignificantly: participants know, if they don’t win, the money’s gone.

At auctions, viewers are not afraid to make big bets, because when they lose, they get all their money back.
Betting gets bigger if there are no risks
Things you get
Stream player widget
The widget displays auction bids in real time. Viewers can follow the game and auction simultaneously, view current bids, get involved in the auction.
Payment system
We accept Visa and Master Card for payments. Security of all transactions is guaranteed by Fondy payment system.
We are ready to answer your questions about conducting the auction, to resolve difficult situations, and to help you with advice. Write us on

How it works
Create an auction
Host a contest on stream
The winner gets to play with you
Receive auction money in your bank account
Participants who lose an auction pay nothing. After the auction is over they receive all the money back. Money is withdrawn from the winner only and transferred to the bank account you’ve specified.

I’m a streamer and I want to organize an auction
Currently, auctions are run only for beta testers on special terms. Send us a request to learn more about the terms and to take part in beta testing.
Your name
How to get in touch with you
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