How to announce an auction
How to tell viewers about an auction, if they hear about it for the first time and don’t know what it is.
How to tell your audience about an auction
Auctions are new both for you and your viewers. To make your audience engaged, you have to sell it really well.

Here are some examples of how you can invite viewers to your auction and what you can say to pique their interest.
Choose what to say before the auction
Hey dudes, we’re all familiar with donations, but here’s the new way for you to show your support. Check out the cool stuff that lets anyone get hype with no risks. Let’s show other streamer how they should treat their fans. Here’s what I mean.
I’ve been thinking a lot that you can’t simply make a prize drawing without random generators or baits. Do you agree? BidOn is the new platform that makes it possible, so let’s take an advantage of it. It’s only the winner who pays, and there are no losers. Isn’t it awesome?