How to customize voice bot notifications
How to create voice bot notifications for new bids
Open the "Voice bot notifications" tab on the Auction widget settings page
Settings panel will appear. The block on the right containts default phrases for the voice bot.
You can decide in which order the voice bot will read notifications by dragging phrases up and down. Just click and hold the cursor in front of the line you need.
You can add or omit phrases by clicking on checkboxes
To add your own phrase, write it in the field and press Enter. You can drag, turn on/off and delete newly added phrases.
You can delete a phrase by hovering over it and clicking the bin icon. You can’t delete Nick, Bid and Viewer Message, but you can omit them (see step 3)
You can turn off voice bot notifications. Animation will play with no sound.
Don't forget to add and test the widget in a streaming software you use. Learn how to do it in OBS and XSplit.