How to start an auction
How to start an auction, and how it works. What limits you have. How to get in touch with winners.
How to start an auction, and how it works.
First you create an auction and customize a Twitch widget to engage with your audience as you livestream.

You choose what the lot is: the opportunity to play with you, order your next stream, items or presents. It has to be something viewers want to get from you for any amount of money ;)

Then tell your viewers about the auction. They follow the link to your auction and make bids.

The winner is the one who makes a highest bid by the time the auction ends. You get his or her money, and give the lot in return. Other participants get their money back.
Why the auction can’t last more than 5 days
When a viewer makes a bid, a hold is placed on this amount of money on his or her bank account. This is to guarantee that the winner will pay for the lot. Banks don’t allow to place a hold for longer than 5 days, that’s why we can’t guarantee payments in auctions older than 5 days.
How to get in touch with the winner
Once the auction ends, you get contact info of the winner. It includes a name and en email.